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The following programs are available on all Lava washing machines and can be selected by using the down arrows on the machines.  A brief description is displayed on the LCD screen for ease of reference.

PROGRAM 1 - Cold: Soap only

PROGRAM 2 - Warm: Soap only

PROGRAM 3 - Hot: Soap only

For customers who prefer not to use a fabric softener, the above three programs give you the option of either 20, 40, or 60 degree main wash temperature with our quality pH neutral laundry soap which will be automatically dosed during the wash cycle.  No fabric softener will be dosed into the rinse cycle.  Total wash time is 26 minutes.

PROGRAM 4 - Cold: Soap+Soft

PROGRAM 5 - Warm: Soap+Soft

PROGRAM 6 - Hot: Soap+Soft

These cycles give you the option of either 20, 40, or 60 degree main wash water temperature with our quality pH neutral laundry soap automatically dosed during your wash cycle and our pH neutral fabric softener dosed during your final rinse cycle.  Total wash time is 26 minutes.

PROGRAM 7 - Cold: Your soap

PROGRAM 8 - Warm: Your soap

PROGRAM 9 - Hot: Your soap

For customers who prefer to use their own washing powder or liquid, these programs will not dose any soap or softener into your cycle.  NOTE:  Place your soap through the door prior to the machine start.


LAVA FLOW - Laundry Soap

Lava Flow is Lava's premium complex laundry detergent that is dosed directly into the main wash cycle of all of our washing machines. Direct dosing helps prevent over (or under) filling powder or liquids which will compromise your washing results. It has the additional benefits of being more convenient for you, saving you mess, fuss, and time.

Lava Flow is pH neutral and can be used safely on all wash classifications including wool and silk. Lava Flow also includes optical brighteners which helps keep your whites super white and colours bright.

Lava Flow is phosphate free and contains readily biodegradable surfactants which helps protect our Perth waterways and the Australian environment.

LAVA ULTRAMAFIC - Fabric Softener


Automatically dosed into our final rinse cycle (optional: selected at machine start), Lava Ultramafic is especially formulated to condition the surface of your fabrics, reducing the tendency of your washed items tangling and creasing.

Lava Ultramafic acts as an anti-static agent which is particularly effective on your synthetic fabrics, helping to reduce linting. It also has a germicidal agent which remains in the fabric which helps prevent formation of mildew and extending fabric life.

Finally, and most importantly, Lava Ultramafic imparts a luxurious softness and feel to towelling, woollens, cottons, and synthetics.


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